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Gardenia M. Henley for Congress
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Gardenia M. Henley verifying that tax dollars were spent effectively

Ms. Henley conducting an audit in Aqaba, Jordan monitoring U.S. tax dollars spent

Gardenia M. Henley Air Force Photo
Gardenia M. Henley Air Force Photo

Ms. Henley accepting an award from the U.S.
Ambassador for managing President
and First Lady Clinton's visit to Dakar,

Ms. Henley's Diplomatic Officer credential
and seal signed by Former President
Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of
State Madeline Albright


Gardenia Henley was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina's 12th Congressional District. "She is working hard so that this year North Carolina's 12th Congressional District will finally get the help that its citizens so badly need. She cares so much about North Carolina and she cares about you, which is why she is running for Congress". She has seen and know the faces of fiscal and social mismanagement all too well and she knows how to correct it!

Henley is the only candidate for Congress:
  • With Financial, Tax Law, National, International, Security, Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Credentials.
  • Who is a decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran.
  • Who is an award winning Inspector General Officer, appointed and commissioned by Former President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.
  • Henley was confirmed by the U.S. 105th Congress as an Officer of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps.
  • Who speaks 3 languages.
She will continue to fight for and support:
  • All the people regardless of your race, gender, political affiliation or religious beliefs.
  • An Ethical and Transparent Government:
  • Initiative's that will help keep and bring jobs into North Carolina.

For over 22 years as an Inspector General Officer, she has lived and worked in the U.S., Europe, South and Central America, Africa and in the Middle East, conducting investigations, inspections, risk assessments and congressionally mandated audits. Henley dealt with and made recommendations for effective legislation on national and international levels. She is ready to represent you! She is ready for Congress now!


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