One County, One Community, One Forsyth

Regardless of the poisonous rhetoric that takes place throughout our Federal and State governments, our government officials must put aside partisan politics to do what’s best for the citizens of Forsyth County.  Our families, our communities, and our county is filled with many beliefs and political preferences; however, I vow to fight for all of the citizens of Forsyth County.  We are ONE COUNTY, ONE COMMUNITY, AND ONE FAMILY.

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Funding for students, teachers and support staff.  In order to recruit and retain staff members, we must insure that our educators and students are equipped with the proper resources to teach, care for, and learn effectively.


Ethical behavior and transparency is critical within all levels of government.  We must give taxpayers complete clarity when it comes to how their tax dollars are spent.  Elected officials must lead by example when it comes to ethical behavior.


As stewards of our taxpayer’s valuable resources, we must be responsible when it comes to budget priorities.  Because we are managing taxpayer resources, we must examine expenditures as if the funds were coming out of our personal budgets.


Insuring the safety of our citizens is critical and the allocation of resources to protect the lives and property of members of our community should be our highest priority.

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