I have been fighting for, defending and helping the citizens of Forsyth County for over 4 Decades! For over 22 years as an Inspector General Officer, I Prevented and Detected, Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Mismanagement in the U.S. Federal Government. I have lived and worked in Europe, South and Central America, Africa and in the Middle East, where I was working to make sure no one was misusing your tax dollars. I found and corrected many problems!

More work needs to be done!

Forsyth County is facing numerous challenges.  I know the faces of financial and social mismanagement all too well. 


  • Funding (Teacher & Support Staff) – I will work to include additional funding for both teachers and support staff.  As a result of the pandemic as well as staffing shortages, our teachers and support incentives in the form of higher salaries and bonuses have been awarded to address these problems.
  • Staff/Student Morale – Staff and student morale must be addressed by creative solutions.  We must understand that increases in teacher salaries aren’t always the first solution.  We must listen to those who educate, transport and support our students to insure that there needs are also being met.
  • Safety & Behavioral Resources – We must provide adequate resources for insuring the safety and mental well-being of our staff and students. (Resource Officers, School Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologists)
Fiscal Management
Our tax dollars should be effectively managed so that we don’t feel the need to raise property taxes whenever budget shortfalls arise.  We must always use tax dollars effectively with transparency to our tax paying citizens.  With our numerous successes in increasing our tax base with 
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency
  • Project Prioritization

Public Safety

We should insure that resources are properly allocated for addressing community development and reinvestment, drug and crime prevention, chronic homelessness, as well as law enforcement.

Ethics & Transparency

We should insure that all decisions and fiscal management of taxpayer resources are ethical and available to the public with the highest level of transparency under the law.